Let’s Talk Men 2.0 films to get youth talking in South Asia

New feature films and documentaries from South Asia will promote reflection and discussion among young people regarding gender, masculinities and violence. The Let's Talk Men 2.0 film series, which was supported by P4P, IPPF, CARE International and other partners, will inspire reflection on masculinities, violence and other themes as they play out in five South Asian countries: Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The film series includes two full length features from Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and documentaries from Bangladesh, Nepal and India. The series will be released at the end of 2012, through different events in each country. By the end of 2013, a minimum of 5,000 Let’s Talk Men 2.0 packages - consisting of the five new films, a discussion guide for facilitating small group trainings among youth and other resources - will be disseminated throughout the region. In addition, practitioners, civil society organizations, educational institutions and other groups will be trained to use the packages to ensure wide outreach and the effective engagement of young people in the region. The Let’s Talk Men 2.0 project builds on the success of the first Let’s Talk Men series of films on masculinities, produced in 2000. The original series proved effective as a means of drawing young people into discussions on gender and masculinities. Demand for the films remains high and positive feedback has been received consistently over the last decade. For more information, contact caroline.liou@one.un.org.

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