Model UN Session on the United Nations CEDAW Committee Consideration of Report Submitted by China

The Model UN session on the constructive dialogue between the CEDAW committee and Chinese delegation was held in Beijing Normal University on May 28th. 30 student representatives from 10 first tier universities from Beijing and Shanghai participated in the activity. 5 students represented the CEDAW Committee members and the rest acted as Chinese delegates from 10 ministries of Chinese government. As part of the project on ‘Engaging Young Men through Social Media for the Prevention of Violence against Women’, this offline activity enhanced gender awareness and the understanding of CEDAW among young people. Before the model session, student participants studied CEDAW convention and researched current gender issues in China and produced a comprehensive report on the progress the Chinese government has made in improving gender equality and the existing problems and challenges. During the model session, participants discussed the status-quo of gender equality including violence against women in China, and respective recommendations. 6 CEDAW experts observed and evaluated students’ performance and the best performed universities and individuals were rewarded. The project microblogged the Model session lively and discussion was also held online with web users through social media. Over 110 internet media and websites covered this activity. For media coverage in China of this event, see: Sohu: Netease: Xinhua: China daily:

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