Partners for Prevention holds regional capacity development workshop on transforming masculinities to promote gender justice

Partners for Prevention, the UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women & UNV Regional Joint Programme for Asia and the Pacific on the Prevention of Gender-based Violence, convened in Vientiane, Laos, a four-day workshop on Transforming Masculinities and Gendered Power Relations to Promote Gender Justice. As an integral part of P4P’s Capacity Development strategy to develop a sustained resource pool of skilled resource people/mentors and to enhance in-country programming, P4P supported the Regional Learning Community (RLC) for East & Southeast Asia to develop regional curricula on the transformation of masculinities and gender power relations to promote gender justice. P4P is contributing to (sub) national demands by strengthening organizational and individual capacities of its partners needed for designing and reforming policies, influencing programming and supporting advocacy and awareness through this collective learning process. Thirty civil society organization (CSO) participants from eleven countries, selected from more than 70 applications from the region, came together to collectively generate knowledge and skills, analytical tools and frameworks aiming to facilitate processes to address the root causes of gender inequality and gender-based violence. P4P recognises CSOs as invaluable sources of knowledge, expertise and innovation and as critical allies in achieving gender justice and supported a core team of ten RLC members to develop and conduct this regional workshop. While tapping into their wealth of experiences, in 2012 the thirty participants or regional learning community members, together with the core curriculum development team, are expected to further enrich the curriculum while integrating bottom-up, experience-based knowledge to further contextualizing and implementing capacity development approaches. For further information on this regional initiative, please visit or contact or

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