Partners for Prevention launches new mentorship initiative on conducting research on GBV in Vietnam

As a part of Partners for Prevention's new initiative, we are seeking candidates fluent in Vietnamese to conduct qualitative research analysis on existing data from Vietnam on masculinities and GBV. The deadline for application is 9 April 2012. For more information, click on this link or see below: Student Mentorship Initiative REQUEST FOR INTEREST Student researcher for Vietnamese qualitative data on masculinities and gender-based violence Application deadline 9 April 2012 Partners for Prevention (P4P) is seeking Master’s or Doctorate-level student fluent in Vietnamese to conduct qualitative research analysis on existing data from Vietnam on masculinities and GBV. The analysis may be used to shape a chapter of P4P’s upcoming regional qualitative report on GBV and masculinities in the Asia-Pacific region. General Background: Partners for Prevention (P4P) is a UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women and UNV regional programme for Asia and the Pacific that began in September 2008. We focus on promoting effective primary prevention, or stopping violence before it starts. P4P is undertaking a coordinated approach that combines evidence, capacity development and communications for a more comprehensive response to gender-based violence prevention in the region. A key area of P4P’s work includes support for new research to inform evidence-based responses to violence prevention. Through ‘The Change Project,’ P4P is undertaking cutting-edge research to understand the root causes of gender-based violence and their relation to masculinities. This study recognizes that while men are the primary perpetrators of GBV, they are also gendered beings themselves, and the dominant masculinities associated with strength, power and violence have harmful impact on men as well as women. Consequently, insights into social constructions of masculinities are important to develop strategies to prevent GBV and create a more equitable and peaceful world. To support this goal, P4P has launched a limited mentorship initiative for Masters and Doctorate-level students in the Asia-Pacific with the aim to build capacity and technical expertise to conduct rigorous research and analysis on GBV in the region, and support new analysis of existing data sets. As a part of this on-going initiative, P4P seeks interested students to conduct qualitative research analysis on existing, primary source data on GBV and masculinities from Vietnam. Mentorship Details Under supervision and mentorship of the P4P Research Specialist, the student will analyze existing raw life history interview transcripts (in Vietnamese) from two study sites (urban and peri-urban) to better understand the links between masculinities and GBV in Vietnam. Suggested areas of focus How masculinities are socially constructed across the life course of the interviewees, and through what means, including but not limited to: • Early childhood development (including experiences of violence) • Power dynamics within relationships across the life course (parental, romantic, friendships) • Larger social structures and patterns identified in the research that impact the lives of the respondents and relate to constructions of masculinities A draft research plan and preliminary findings will be reviewed and refined at a workshop to be held in Bangkok, from April 26-29, 2012. The final product will be produced based on discussions and decisions made during the meeting, as well as feedback from The Change Project regional technical advisory group members. The student may have the opportunity to publish the analysis as part of The Change Project’s regional qualitative report (an anthology of The Change Project’s qualitative and political analysis research on-going in the region and estimated to be published by the UN in early 2013). Learning Opportunities This mentorship opportunity provides students with first-hand experience working with primary qualitative life-history data from Vietnam on GBV and masculinities. The student will also have the opportunity to work closely with international GBV and masculinities research experts who serve as technical advisors to The Change Project. In addition, this mentorship programme will culminate in an opportunity to potentially be published in The Change Project’s regional qualitative anthology, which will be disseminated widely throughout the region and internationally. Suggested Timeframe Deadline: April 27, 2012 Deliverables: Review data and draft research plan and preliminary findings Activities: Analyze existing data in Vietnamese Produce a draft research plan that details the scope of the analysis, and develop presentation of preliminary findings for The Change Project 4th Regional Research Meeting Deadline: May 28, 2012 Deliverables: Draft research report Activities: With technical support from P4P, and based on feedback from technical advisors during regional research meeting in Bangkok, develop first draft of report Deadline: June 18, 2012 Deliverables: Final research report Activities: Produce final draft of analysis based on technical feedback from P4P Required Expertise and Qualifications Required qualifications • Proven experience conducting qualitative research in one of the following fields: gender equality, violence against women, gender politics, masculinities • Experience conducting life history analysis is a plus • Experience writing academic papers or reports • English and Vietnamese language skills Critical Success Factors • Demonstration of integrity by modeling UN values and ethical standards and treating all people fairly without favouritism • Demonstrated ability to plan and organize work to deliver results. • Ability to work with minimal supervision • Focus on impact and results and responding positively to critical feedback • Demonstrated strong oral and written communication skills Recruitment Qualification Education: Enrolled in or completed an advanced University degree in gender and public health or a related field such as sociology, social work, international development with experience in research, gender and violence Experience: Related research experience in gender, health or violence. Experience in research on masculinities a plus Language Requirements: Excellent communication skills in oral and writing English. Written and spoken fluency in Vietnamese Application Requirements Please submit the following documentation to: • CV • Cover letter • Sample of personal research on gender, masculinities or related field that has been previously published or submitted as an academic requirement • Email recommendation from academic supervisor or mentor who is familiar with the candidate’s work and capabilities • Brief summary of particular areas of interest for future research Application deadline: 9 April 2012

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