Practitioners and donors discuss new opportunities to prevent GBV in Asia and the Pacific

Practitioners and donors working to prevent GBV came together for a regional consultation meeting held in Bangkok, in February. Participants reviewed current evidence of promising interventions from the Asia-Pacific region and explored issues at the heart of GBV prevention: 1) how to promote greater understanding of what prevention is and how it should be incorporated into interventions and policies as part of a holistic response to GBV; 2) how to support local innovation for prevention, while advocating for rigorous evidence-based programs; 3) how to improve processes for collaboration and coordination; and 4) how to address problems of continuity for long-term social change in the context of short-term project cycles. In line with the moves to promote wider networking, participants discussed the need to improve collaboration mechanisms at the national and regional levels. “It is time to move from informal collaboration processes to a more formal coordinated strategy,” one participant stated. To read the full discussion paper from the meeting, see For more information, contact

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