Practitioners working for gender justice in East and Southeast Asia launch new online community

In East and Southeast Asia, practitioners who are working toward gender justice have formed a new capacity development initiative called the The Regional Learning Community (RLC) for Transforming Masculinities and Gendered Power Relations to Promote Gender Justice for East and Southeast Asia (ESEA). This regional initiative is taking a collective approach to knowledge creation and skills building for the primary prevention of gender-based violence and the promotion of gender justice in the region. The Regional Learning Community have put steps in place to generate and share their knowledge through a series of community learning processes, including trainings, networking, and partnerships. The knowledge generated through this initiative is being organised under a regional curriculum that is developed by and for practitioners, activists, advocates, experts, researchers, individuals and organisations from the region. The RLC has recently launched a community online portal where members can connect with each other, develop, expand, and share their knowledge and resources to promote gender justice and prevent gender-based violence. Practitioners and anyone interested in working for gender justice can become a member of this online community: • Go to www.RegionalLearningCommunity.Ning.Com and register to become a member. Once you are a member, you can access resources, take part in discussions and much more. • Expand your knowledge: Our growing online library of resources about gender justice to support your work, movements, and more. • Contribute to the regional curriculum: Members can access to the regional curriculum, and contribute to the development of the curriculum through reviewing, sharing resources and tools, and more. • Publish news and promote upcoming events: Spread the word about your latest news and upcoming events. When you tell the community what you have been doing, everyone benefits. You get the recognition you deserve and everyone else gets to learn about innovative ways of promoting gender justice. • Take part in forums: Ask questions, get answers and have discussions with other members. This is your space to share what you think and how you feel about anything to do with gender justice. • Network: Connect with others in your region to network, collaborate, cooperate, & build allies and solidarity for a common cause for the region. • Watch videos and browse photos: Watch & share videos and photos of the work of our community. The RLC is supported by Partners for Prevention: Working to Prevent Gender-based Violence -a UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women & UNV Regional Joint Programme for Asia and the Pacific. For more information about the RLC, see:

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