Violence Prevention Interventions

In Phase 2 P4P is supporting the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of prevention interventions in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea – Bougainville and Viet Nam. Interventions will be designed and adapted to the local settings and the specific factors and change objectives identified in the UN Multi-country Study on Men and Violence led by P4P.

P4P is working closely with its UN partners at the country level to design interventions that draw from existing evidence of “what works” in violence prevention from evaluations of interventions from the region and globally.

It is crucial that intervention designs include robust monitoring and evaluation methods. This will ensure that learning on what works and what does not work in different settings is captured to contribute to the global evidence base.

A range of interventions will be used, including school and community based approaches, to interventions that target men and boys (alongside women and girls) through group education combined with community mobilization.  Each country is at different stages of developing and implementing their interventions, however as interventions are finalized and implementation commences, more information will be made available.

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