Using social media for the prevention of violence against women: Lessons learned from social media communication campaigns to prevent violence against women in India, China and Viet Nam

Around the globe, social media tools have helped fuel social movements. Social media has been shown to strengthen social actors’ ability to challenge and change power relations in society, providing platforms for debate, reflection, influencing and mobilizing people.  To better understand the potential of social media to engage young people in violence prevention efforts, the Partners for Prevention regional project, ‘Engaging Young Men through Social Media for the Prevention of Violence against Women’ – which supported social media campaigns designed to raise awareness and motivate young people to take action to prevent violence against women - has revealed practical lessons from three campaigns on the effective use of social media tools for violence prevention. This publication seeks to offer an understanding of how to use social media as a tool that is part of an overall communication strategy on violence against women, and provides insights into how these tools fit into the wider spectrum of work to address violence against women. This guide will be available by the end of 2013. For more information on this guide, contact

Date: November 2013
Category: Communications


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